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The induction hardening is a hardening process whereby selective only a part of a piece undergoing treatment , while the rest remains unaffected.

Only ferrous materials used in drawing the magnetic properties thereof.

Is performed using heating, the current induced in the part with a suitably designed coil . Magnetic flux lines from the coil covering the area to be treated .

ejespiñones Due to the skin effect of alternating currents , which has the property of distributing its density to the periphery of the section as you increase the frequency of the source , you can heat the surface of the workpiece without affecting this reason núcleo.Por machines using different powers and frequencies , adapting to each particular job. the coil moves through the workpiece, heating it to its passage followed by a shower of water or oil, according to the material , to go progressively tempering .

The temple is usually followed by a low temperature annealing for the purpose of easing tensions developed .
The most important benefit of this treatment is the selectivity of it, since you can treat only one part of a piece. Since it is a treatment that is performed in a short period , the possibility of decarburization is minimal , even when reaching temperatures above the normal processes .

Also this system is used for tempering a piece cemented selectively to lower the hardness and, therefore decrease brittleness in some area (threads, thin sections , etc.).