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Normalizing heat treatment of steel is carried out by heating the material above the upper critical temperature line followed by air cooling to room temperature .

The same is used for castings, forged or machined steel getting stuck with the constituents and characteristics that can be considered normal or owned by its composition , normalization may be used to improve machinability , modify and refine dendritic structures parts smelting , refining the grain and homogenize the microstructure to improve response operations after hardening and overheating or cooling certain facts in poor condition.

The normalized the cooling rate is slower than in the temple and faster than annealing.
This treatment is typical for carbon steel construction from 0.15% to 0.60 % carbon. engrane_porta_satelites

The net effect of the normalization is to produce a finer pearlite structure and more plentiful than that obtained by annealing , resulting steel harder and stronger.

As it increases the diameter of the rod , the cooling will be slow and therefore the yield strength and elongation decrease and increase slightly . This variation is more pronounced the closer to the nucleus perform the test.